An overview of the affiliate dashboard


Here is a simple explanation of what the affiliate dashboard looks.

1. Overview

This is the home section and it contains:

Total referrals: The total number of view your promoted products have gotten so far.
Paid referrals: The total number of view converted to sales.
Unpaid referrals: The total number of view NOT converted to sales.
Total transactions: The total number of sales.
Your earnings by now: The total number of sales in monetary value.
Your earnings (currently approved): The total number of approved sales in monetary value.

2. Profile


This section is where you can edit your account, change your password and add or make a change to payment.

3. Marketing


This section is where you can generate your affiliate links, create a unique campaign you want to be using, and get banners for products.

4. Referrals


This section shows metric detailed information about your referrals.

5. Payments


This section shows detailed information about your payments.

You can filter the information to be displayed by months.

6. Overall


This section shows an overall of your achievements, your traffic log (total visitation, the conversion made and success rate).

It entails your campaign reports and referrals history.

7. Log out

Finally, this is where to log out.


Another option is your profile section


If you want to get inside, this is entry login section.





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