Frequently Asked Questions


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General Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum you can withdraw is ₦2000 ($5). You must have up to this amount in your commission balance before you request for payout

2. What happens if my referred client does not make payment immediately?

When your referred visitor visits our site for the first time, a cookie is saved on their pc/phone. Whenever they place an order with the cookie present, you will get your commission. The cookie is kept for up to 3 months.

3. How do I promote Ogadigit?

The resources you need to excel as an affiliate like promotional images and sales letter are on the dashboard.

4. How many people can I refer before I get paid?

It depends on the product price and how quickly you reach the minimum payout threshold of ₦2000 ($5) in your balance.

5. How do I request a payout?

You can request a payout from the Affiliate place.

6. Do I have to purchase a service or product to become an affiliate?

NO! You don’t need to buy a service or product from us to qualify as an affiliate.


Affiliate FAQ

1. How do I register as an Affiliate on Ogadigit?

Answer: To register as an Affiliate on Ogadigit, read this article. It’s a detailed step by step guide and instructions.

2. As an affiliate marketer, how do I pick a product to start selling?

Answer: Read this article. It explains in step by step how to visit the market place, make a choice product, generate unique web address which you can marketing to your audience.

3. How do I log-in as an affiliate marketer?

Answer: As an affiliate marketer, always login using this login account.

4. What should I do if forgot my password?

Answer: If you forgot or lost your password, visit the login account and click “lost password”. Follow the instructions that appear as you will be well guided on how to create a new strong password.

Remember: always keep your password and log-in details. If there is too much forgot password or error trying to log in due to forgotten password, your account might be flagged for an internal query.

5. What is the commission as an affiliate marketer?

Answer: Currently, as an affiliate marketer, your commission for selling a unit of a digital product is 50%.

6. How do I add payment details?

Answer: Read the second point of this article.

7. What if I have a problem or question, what should I do?

Answer: Call our Affiliate marketer support department on 08099999999 or email:


Vendor FAQ

1. How do I register as a vendor?

Answer: To register as a vendor, read this article. It explains in a step by step vendor registration process.

2. How do I submit my product?

Answer: In other to submit your digital product, read this article. It shows requirement, what to do and apply successfully.

3. What is my commission per sale?

Answer: Currently, as a vendor, the commission per unit of digital product sold is 30%.

4. How do I add payment details?

Answer: As a vendor, to add payment details and always get paid read point 3 of this article.

5. What if I have a problem or question, what should I do?

Answer: Call our support line on 08099999999 or email: