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Colouring & Dye Clothing Business Plan

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In the 1930s, two technological innovations to decorate adire were developed that provided an avenue for men to gain entrance into the female-controlled industry.


Although the women remain the specialist in the dyeing, tying, hand-painting, and hand-sewing did prior to dyeing, but the men are involved in the aspect of decorating techniques using a stitching machine and applying starch through zinc stencils. However, the 1960s marked a new period of innovation in handcrafted cloth production in Yoruba land.


With the growing availability of chemical dyes from Europe, there was a revolution in colour and techniques which attracted the Nigerian fashion designers who adapted the designs to print high-quality cloth using imported colour-fast dyes in colours other than indigo. New multi-coloured adire utilized a simple technology and became a backyard industry so that the markets filled with the new adire.


Hot wax or paraffin was substituted for the indigenous cassava paste as a resist agent, and designs were created by simple techniques including tie-dye, folding, crumpling, and randomly sprinkling or splashing the hot wax onto a cloth prior to dyeing. Today the colouring and dye business has gone so popular and is now adopted by non-Nigerians both in Africa and other continents of Africa. Introducing technology to this market.


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Executive Summary

PATILAD is the brand name for our fabrics textile color & dye (Kampala & Adire) production and retail company located in Lagos. We are into designing, weaving, dyeing, spinning, dress-making, and selling of the popular Kampala attire.

We have gone a step further in researching the latest network of the strong and strategically positioned retail establishment involved in the selling of fashionable quality Adire textiles of different varieties to both young and old, male and female who have the taste for quality.

Our major target market are major cities in Nigeria, also focused on exports to nations in Africa, Europe, the Arab Emirates and the US where the Kampala textile is highly patronized. Our initial goal is to open our modern Kampala textile factory in this location and open up our chains of stores on a franchise model.

We would hope to penetrate a sizable portion of the online retail market and also run a network of delivery services that reaches our far customers.

We make use of modern trends in garment making, adapting these techniques in the making of designs, embroidery, dyeing to bring out quality products.

The benefits of our products and services are

  • High quality and all year availability of products
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staffs
  • Prompt delivery services for online purchase
  • Excellent Customer Care Services
  • Kampala designs adapted to a variety of garment types

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