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Honey Bee Production Business Plan

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Patilad Honey Bee is a specialty honey production, processing company, located in the southwestern part of Nigeria. We also deliver carefully selected honey from our partner beekeepers.


Our focus is on providing a high-quality natural product, at a fair price, delivered on time. Patilad Honey’s floral source specialty honey is sold in consumer-oriented packaging, gift packs, and bulk containers.


We will operate on the domestic market and on the external one, too.


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Executive Summary4
Business Description7
Products and Services9
Market Analysis10
Competitor Analysis12
Sales and Marketing Plan13
Operational Plan18
Management Plan 21
Financial Plan and Projections22

Executive Summary

Patilad Honey is a commerce and production company, its object being Nigerian honeybee products.

We collect, produce, pack, sell, and deliver to domestic and external markets high-quality honeybee products.

The processes of producing and bottling are conducted in up-to-date facilities equipped with the necessary machinery, managed by skilled staff, in compliance with all appropriate sanitary and health regulations.

Our quality assurance procedure guarantees we only produce and distribute from our partner beekeepers, first-class honey.

Each type of honey is carefully stored and distributed on the market.

Patilad Honey’s mission apart from raising its own bee farm is to enable beekeepers in Isheri Oyo South-western area of Nigerian to sell their honeybee production by offering an opportunity to sell it at a fair price.

The beekeepers will be encouraged to continue their activity and grow their production in order to offer them a profitable business.

We are aiming to create wealth for the community we are living in and promote local image on the national and international markets.

We focus on creating jobs for the local inhabitants, especially youth.


Patilad Honey’s objectives are:

– to produce and collect quality honeybee products from the Nigerian beekeepers, distributing up to 55 tonnes in 3 years on domestic and external markets

– to create jobs for Isheri inhabitants

– to breakeven in the 2nd year of activity


Honey is a healthy product that is used worldwide.

Changes in this industry have revealed an

opportunity for Nigerian honey producers to deliver high quality products to external markets.

The markets in Western Europe are importing large quantities of honeybee products and lately, large exporters like China have suffered a decline in their preference due to using pesticides.

The Nigerian honeybee products are ecological and are beginning to get noticed on those markets.

On the other hand, we consider there’s a good opportunity for the domestic market, as Nigerians are coming to know the benefits of consuming healthy products, such as honey.

As the living standard will hopefully grow in the following years, the domestic market will absorb more and more honeybee products.


The health benefit of Honey is widely spread these days as people are getting to see the danger of refined sugar to people’s health.

The market is indeed huge as more households, supermarkets, shopping mall, pharmaceutical companies, and the likes are also increasing their demand.

We also focused on the international markets, as demands keep rising for the wild pure honey from wild honey bee colonies.

The market has grown from 35% to over 49% between 2015 & 2017 and the gradient is not going to come down soon.


Patilad Honey will hire a distribution company that will market its products under its brand name, all over Nigeria.

For exports, it will contact several food importers that will market the products under their brand.

The anticipated production is 3 tones within the first 12 months and further expansion as the number of customers increases; production in the 3rd year being three times more.

During the first 2 years, emphasis will be given to export sales, which is expected to absorb an increasing proportion of the company’s output.


Patilad Honey will offer to the domestic market and for export high-quality honeybee products such as honey (extracted, comb and chunk), wax, and bee glue.

The products will be packed and delivered in different formats from 200 liters metal drums to 200ml jars for honey and 25 ml bottles for bee glue.

The product we offer can be used in many ways, such as diet supplements, as a raw material in the cosmetics industry (lotions, skin creams, lip balms), furniture industry (polishes), and food industry (cookie recipes), etc.

The main element of the product strategy will be the development of a reliable supply chain and consistently high-quality production.

This will sustain our competitive advantage over our local competitors.


Honeybee supplies will be collected from partner beekeepers and produced internally, handled, and packed by professionals, being delivered on time.

Exports of honey will be in DDU or ExW terms, as the external customer requires.

On the domestic market, a food distributor will be contracted, thus enabling us to deliver to an increasing number of counties each year.

Our employees will professionally act in order to enable this system to grow profitable from year to year.

The capacity for delivery in the 1st year will be up to 7.5 tonnes of honey, all three years together being 52 tones, from which 18 tonnes from internal production. 80 percent of this will be exported, the remaining 20 being delivered to the domestic market.

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