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Petrol Station Business Plan

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Nigeria is one of the biggest oil-producing nations in the world with a very huge crude oil deposit around the entire South-South, South East, and South West region of the country, both tapped and untapped. Everything about oil is money, from exploration to exportation and marketing (crude or refined product), etc.

Further to being oil-producing nation, Nigeria is also one of the biggest consumer of oil products in Africa with about 40 million litres said to be consumed every day.

All the millions of cars and trucks on the Nigerian roads run on PMS or AGO (petrol or diesel) every day.


Table of content


Executive Summary3
Business Description4
Products and Services6
Market Analysis7
Competitor Analysis8
Sales and Marketing Plan9
Operational Plan12
Management and Structure 13
Financial Plan and Projections14

Executive Summary


The purpose of this business plan is to raise N40,000,000 for the development of a Petrol Station while showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next three years. PATILAD PETROL STATION is a fully registered and gas station that is located in Dutse District, Abuja. Our chains of petrol stations that will be scattered all around major cities in Nigeria will adopt full service, minimum service and self-service as it suits the location. Our basic services and products offering to our highly esteemed customers as a standard gas station are retailing of gasoline (petrol), diesel and lubricants for motor vehicles. We will make sure that we give our consumers nothing short of the very best. We will also run a convenience store, car wash, vulcanizing services, wheel balancing services, wheel alignment services and other related automobile repair services. We are committed, honest and quality-focused.

At PATILAD Petrol Station, we are passionate about the pursuit of excellence and financial success with uncompromising services and integrity. We are in the industry to make a positive mark. We are quite optimistic that our values and quality of products and service offering will help us drive our petrol station business to enviable heights and also help us attract the numbers of clients that will make the business highly profitable. We are a company that will be dedicated to establishing and maintaining the best practices as it relates to the petrol station industry.

The Company

When you visit PATILAD Petrol Station, located in Dutse district of Abuja, plot 7, you will meet our team of highly-trained, knowledgeable petrol station attendants who are ready to give you first-class treatment and excellence in customer service. This is irrespective of whether you come in with your car or just walk in to fill in your jerry can. We are opened from 6 am to 10 pm every weekday including Saturdays and open do 10 am-7 pm on Sundays.

Products and Services

PATILAD Petrol Station products include:

Petrol (Petroleum Motor Spirit; PMS)

Diesel (Automotive Gas Oil; AGO)

Kerosene (Dual Purpose Kerosene; DPK)

Cooking Gas (Liquefied Natural Gas; LNG)

Lubricant Oil, Steering oil, Break fluids, etc.

Our services include:

Automotive services (e.g. car washes and general parts)

Providing automotive repair services

Providing wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing and vulcanizing services

The Market

Nigeria is, arguably, the biggest consumer of oil products in Africa with about 40 million litres said to be consumed every day. All the millions of cars and trucks on the Nigerian roads run on PMS or AGO (petrol or diesel) every day. Almost every home in Nigeria has a Generator that works sometimes all day to power our homes and most of these millions of generators used in Nigeria run on petrol and diesel.

The Factories, Businesses, Schools, Hospitals, in fact, everything in Nigeria depends on power generated privately from petroleum products consuming sets. And all these oil products are dispensed almost 100% through Petrol Filling Stations. Going forward, disposable income levels are expected to continue to grow, encouraging some consumers to spend more days on petroleum products to power their automobiles.

Before starting our Petrol Station business in Dutse Abuja, we conducted a market survey and feasibility studies and we are certain that there is a wide range of both corporate and individual clients who would need the services of Petrol Station business especially haulage companies and transport companies in our chosen location. The main advantage of this is that we will be able to sell considerable volume on time.


Our competitors include;





Our Competitive Edge

PATILAD Petrol Station will succeed by offering its customers high-quality, rapid, and convenient petrol sale services. We see ourselves as being in the service industry seeing that there is no significant difference in the products and prices of what we are selling.  Predominantly, PATILAD Petrol Station will succeed by ensuring a full range of customer support service which will include all-year-round availability of quality petroleum products, clear and consistent information to our customers on activities in and around our petrol station, after-sales services including free car wash, customer loyalty program, provision of automotive repair services including wheel alignment, wheel balancing and vulcanizing services, sales of vehicle spare parts, etc.

Financial Considerations

PATILAD Petrol Station seeks N40 million in long-term financing to cover start-up costs, equipment, building expenses, and working capital.

Funding for the launch of the business is provided primarily by equity from the partners and investors.

Our market survey and research show that PATILAD Petrol Station holds the promise of reaching positive cash flow in its 7th month of operation. The advantage of this is the provision it makes for accelerated repayment of its loan obligations, as well as for dividends to be paid to the owners.

Revenue is expected to amount to N12,984,326 and profit N3,592,736 in our first year of operation.

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