Step by step process to register as a vendor on Ogadigit

Step 1: Visit the home page

Visit Ogadigit home. There two ways you can register as a vendor.

1a. Image slide section

Click on the image slide: “List your digital products, let’s sell them” or you click the button: “Get Started” next to it.

1b. The vendor section

Scroll down the home page till you approach the “Become a Seller”.

Click the button: “Get Started Now

Step 2: Fill the application form

Input your account and profile details and click the “complete sign up” button.

NOTE: Store your account details such as username, email address and password somewhere safe for retrieval because you will be using it to log in.

Step 3: Account approval

After submitting your application as a vendor

Check your email address for an email from Ogadigit titled: “[Oga Digit] Activate your account

Open the email and click the activation web-address.

When the activation page opens

Click the activation red button and you will be activated instantly.

Step 4: Log in to account

To log in, click the login button at the top left.

Note: Always log in using this web-link:

These are simple steps on how to register as a vendor on Ogadigit.


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