An Overview of the Vendor dashboard explained

Once you log in as a vendor, you will be directed to a dashboard called Vendor place.

What it contains are:

1. Sales report

It shows the summary report on the amount and quantity of product(s) sold.

It is organize showing the product name, quantity, commission and customer rate.

It includes the number of orders made, total amount, date and website addresses.

Also, you can view the report in date range (from a specific date to another date).

2. View your store 

This is your Storefront. It is where you can see your store, customize it, and check customer reviews.

2a. If you want to review or edit your profile, click “edit your profile.”

2b. If you want to check the activities going on your store, click “Activity”. It is the default page.

2c. If you like to make changes to your profile, click the “profile”.

2d. If you like to read store notification, click “notification”.

2e. If you want to make changes to the store settings such as change password; delete your account, etc, click “Settings”.

3. Store settings

This is where you will fill your bank account details, customize store name and describe what you sell.

4. Add/edit product

To add or edit product Ogadigit staff will handle the operations.

What to do, fill this form.

These are the overview of vendor place.

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